Who We Are?

ARMAHN PRESS is a private entity dedicated to the publication and dissemination of information, primarily written materials such as books that are endorsed by either the Global Economic & Public Policy Institute (GEPPI) or written by its founder Nazimudeen Saleem.

At present, this site contains information mainly on the published works of Nazimudeen Saleem. Although his main interests and works are in the areas of global and national public policy and global economic issues, he has wider interests and thus his writings could spread to other fields, including education, business, marketing and leisure such as travel and cookery as well as self-help.

Information about the published works, therefore, are found under two different categories in this site. The first is grouped under the category of GEPPI Books and the other under Books for All. However, the books under GEPPI are currently written by Saleem himself and in the future, we expect to publish works of other authors as well in this category. Also, both categories will include briefs and short essays in the future.

While the readers will be able to access the published works partially, they can download the entire book in PDF format from the site for a reasonable price of less than or for $5. But, if the readers wish to buy a printed copy in paperback or Kindle e-book from Amazon, they can click the buy from Amazon button.

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